Seoul Grand Park: Ecological Park in Gwacheon City, South Korea

Seoul Grand Park: Ecological Park in Gwacheon City, South Korea

11 Jul 2020

Posted by Mikaela


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Seoul Grand Park is a vast recreational attraction in Gwacheon city, often visited by locals and foreigners for leisure activities near Seoul. It is designed to promote education, nature, and amusement with its major attractions: Seoul Zoo, Botanical Garden, and Seoul Land.

Unlike most theme parks that catch your eyes with huge metal rides, blinking lights, and joyful screams, the Seoul Grand Park is a true city meets nature vibe that harmoniously works side by side.

Take a day-off and visit the Seoul Grand Park, where you can camp-out, interact with animals all over the world, discover new plants, and much more! Here is a quick travel guide for a day in Seoul’s Ecological Culture Park.

Seoul Grand Park

Just 11 kilometers from the center of Seoul is the Seoul Grand Park. It’s in Gwacheon City, at the Gyeonggi Province (north-west), where the capital in South Korea is located. Gyeonggi-do is a region in the Korean peninsula which means, “the area surrounding the capital.” To this day, the province lives up to its name, and proudly represents the major city — with its several attractions, natural landscapes, architecture, cultural activities, and art appreciation.

With the large influence and area coverage of Seoul, no doubt it has its zoo, botanical garden, theme park and art museum named after it. Consistently, it emphasizes the theme park’s slogan, “Together, with nature.”

The enclosure is a rejuvenating space for its visitor, especially for those who want to immerse themselves with the environment, animals, plants, and art—things that remind us we’re alive.

During your visit, you will observe that the open space is made for people to bring themselves closer to nature. There are gigantic trees that border the pavements, several park facilities, and the rest is left for the natural landscape to flaunt itself right in front of your eyes. There’s the Cheonggyesan Mountain to overwhelm your eyes and Gwacheon Lake to calm you.

Note: I recommend riding the sky lift before going to Seoul Zoo. The view from the top is stunning!

You can get free access to Seoul Grand Park’s Sky Lift, Seoul Zoo, and Elephant Ride when you have the Discover Seoul Pass! Just Click the link and purchase the card to save money and explore many attractions during your visit in Seoul, South Korea for FREE.


General Information

For Seoul Zoo, & Theme Park

Operation hours

Summer Season (March–October) 9:00- 19:00
Winter Season (November–February) 9:00 -18:00

Note: Open 365 days a year and last admission is 1 hour before closing time (for Seoul Zoo and Theme Garden).

Botanical Garden

Operation hours

(All year round) 9:00–17:00


For inquiries, check out their website here or contact 02-500-7335.


Operating Period

March 30 to November 10 (schedule may vary according to campsite conditions)

Operation hours

9:00–19:00 (daytime use)
12:00–10:00 (next day) using camping tents
For inquiries, contact 02-500-7870.

Ticket Prices

Adult YouthChildren
Seoul Zoo & Botanical Garden₩5,000₩3,000₩2,000
Theme Garden₩2,000₩1,500₩1,000
  • Children under the age of 5 and Seniors age 65 and above are free (Seoul Zoo and Theme Park only)
  • Children under the age of 5 are free and Seniors age 65 and above get 50% off an adult fare (for a campsite)
  • Tickets are valid for the day purchased


Sky Lift

For adults (over 19 years old)

For youths (13–18 years old)

For children (36 months to 12 years old)

Single ride- ₩6,000

Double ride ticket- ₩11,000

Day pass–₩15,000

Single ride- ₩4,500

Double ride ticket- ₩8,000

Day pass–₩11,000

Single ride- ₩4,000

Double ride ticket- ₩7,000

Day pass – ₩10,000

Elephant-shaped Train

Adult – ₩1,500

Youth & Children – ₩1,000

Parking Lot

Seoul Grand Park ₩5,000–₩10,000

Campsite ₩10,000 (1 day)


Seoul Zoo

Seoul Zoo is the first in the Korean peninsula and is the biggest in South Korea. Observe, interact, and learn about 3,400 animals that belong to 360 species. The zoo is very organized and fosters the animals in a slight wildlife state, giving them a habitat close to their origin.   

Botanical Garden

Look at over 1,000 plants from different species in Seoul’s Botanic Garden. It is a big greenhouse where they cultivate and preserve plants that are not found in South Korea.

Seoul Land

Seoul Land is an amusement park near Seoul aside from Everland. It has themed areas, mostly inspired by popular animation characters adapted to its rides, courses, and arcades.


Treat yourself some alone-time or bond with your family and friends at the campsite.  You can rent a camping tent and spend the night with mother nature.

Sky Lift

The Sky Lift is a transportation method in Seoul Grand Park where you will enjoy the view of Cheonggyesan Mountain and Gwacheon Lake. Observe the area in a bird’s-eye view and see the entire land.


  • Wear appropriate clothes for the weather and activities. Wear a hat for shade as you walk through the Zoo course and exploring the Theme Garden.
  • Please be cautious around animals and feeding them is prohibited.
  • No smoking inside the premises.
  • You may use the Sky Lift when going to Seoul Zoo and enjoy the view from there.
  • If you avail the Discover Seoul Pass, you will have FREE admission to the Seoul Zoo, one free single ticket for the Sky Lift, and an Elephant-shaped Train ride.
  • Get a guide map from the information center. It will come handy when you walk around the zoo course (there are different paths that you can choose from).
Seoul Grand Park -

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  1. This sounds like a fun day trip activity from Seoul! I loved my last trip to South Korea, and I hope to visit again. Is this good for families?

    • Mikaela says:

      It’s a good local destination for families! 🙂 You can do many activities around the park that’s perfect for kids and adults.

  2. Natalia says:

    I have never been to South Korea, but would love to! This park looks pretty cool!

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