Kitchen Ad Lib: Travel Through Taste of Asian Cuisines

Kitchen Ad Lib: Travel Through Taste of Asian Cuisines

26 May 2020

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Kitchen Ad Lib, a local food place that brought me to different Asian countries with its food.

Most of you probably agree that food is the best way to experience the culture of a foreign country. I, for example, always include eating at local markets and street food stands to get an “authentic travel experience.” Not only that, it makes us satisfied, but it also gives us a more meaningful connection with culture, the place, and the people.

Many of us never let ourselves leave without tasting local cuisines, famous street food, and interacting with the locals. It’s our way of understanding the roots and traditions of a country. Whether you eat to live or live to eat, what we are after is letting our mouths savor a good peculiar taste in a foreign land.

But what if I tell you that even before my first flight, I could taste food from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and other Asian countries, would you believe me? I know it sounds a bit extreme, but this local eatery made it possible to travel through taste.

Traveling through taste from a combination of different Asian countries mixed with a Filipino style of cooking, I’m excited to share my favorite food place: Kitchen Ad Lib.

Kitchen Ad Lib

Unplanned, Unrestrained. Improvising as you desire.

Way back in 2017 when I was first introduced with Kitchen Ad-Lib — a local eatery in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines. It is the home of Kuya Oli—a home cook who found his passion for food inside his house. He was a basketball player in PBA, NBL, PBL, and MBA (to name a few) before he became a tuner for motorcycles after retiring.

While he is an assistant coach in CSA Men’s Basketball, he spends most of his time in the kitchen for his interest in food and cooking which started in the 1990s.

The name speaks for itself as the word ad-lib means to perform without previous preparations. It has been Kuya Oli’s style of preparing his food since he lived alone and learned how to prepare quality food with limited ingredients inside his home.

Travel Meets Food

During his basketball years, he experienced traveling to different Asian countries. He said that every time he’s abroad; he makes time eating at local eateries and looking for hawkers, food stalls, and small restaurants as he believes that these places have the BEST food.

Inspiration and Style           

When asked about his food inspiration, he said that his family plays a huge part. He pointed out that family is his primary motivation because they’re the one who’s with us during our culinary adventures. Also, he is inspired by his OFW fiancée, hoping that they could stay at each other’s side managing in the food industry.

They base their menus on his favorites and cuisines that he tasted in distinct places. According to him, he adds a little “flex” or ad-lib to his recipes, but it looks like his food preparations are a fusion of unique countries. An example of this is their Bagoong Pork Rice–Filipino and Thai inspired cuisine and his personal favorite.         

Menu and Services

With our current situation, they’re returning to their usual trial run starting May 26, 2020 (Tuesday). You can order from their official Facebook page: Kitchen Ad Lib. Their operation starts from 10 am until 5 pm, open for take-outs and pickups. They have limited rice bowls (120 orders) that you can choose from and deliveries are via Angkas riders and Pasabuy riders.

Operation hours: 10 am – 5 pm (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

Location: 12th corner 14th St. Phase 6a, Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna

Here’s their menu:

  • Beef Curry
  • Braised Beef
  • Pork Kimchi Rice
  • Bagoong Pork Rice
  • Beef Kimchi Rice
Kitchen Ad Lib's Beef Curry
Beef Curry inspired by Japanese Curry.
Kitchen Ad Lib's Braised Beef
Braised Beef inspired by Chinese and Filipino Retiro Pares.
Kitchen Ad Lib's Pork Kimchi Rice
Pork Kimchi Rice inspired by Filipino and Korean cuisine.
Kitchen Ad Lib's Bagoong Pork Rice
Bagoong Pork Rice, Thai inspired dish.
Kitchen Ad Lib's Beef Kimchi Rice
Beef Kimchi Rice inspired by Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Aside from their usual menus, they’ll be having a “special of the day” such as Kare-Kare con Lechon, Korean Beef Stew, Thai Red Curry Chicken, and Salt and Pepper Pork. Stay tuned for their updates!

Let’s support this local food place and travel through food across Asia!

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