Nami Island (Naminara Republic) Travel Guide

Nami Island (Naminara Republic) Travel Guide

23 Jun 2020

Posted by Mikaela


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Nami Island (Namiseom) is well-known for its enchanting features that will surely comfort your wanderlust. This half-moon shaped landscape is an accidental beauty; like a piece of leaf that drifted in the middle of Han River and calmly lies in Cheongpyeong lake.

It’s a great day trip from Seoul to escape the bustling city and immerse yourself with scenic views, wondrous feeling, and nature. Here’s an ultimate travel guide in exploring the Nami Island.

Nami Island

Nami Island (남이섬) is 63 kilometers away from Seoul. Many locals and foreigners visit Namiseom to spend a relaxing day near the city. The island is a tourist spot that caters to 3.3 million visitors each year. Its dreamy ambiance is a notable feature, and its charming beauty. Many families visit the island, earning its status as a UNICEF child-friendly park.

Another feature is it nurtures the imagination and brings an additional level of cultural preservation. This island declared its cultural independence and called itself the Naminara Republic. This micro-nation is the home of humans who seek relaxation with animals, and trees that live harmoniously together. They consider every person who visits here as a citizen of deep fantasy and imagination.


  • It is located at the Chuncheon area in Gangwon Province
  • Named after General Nami, a general who was falsely accused of treason and later executed. They say that his grave was on the island.
  • Declared its cultural independence and fosters the imagination. They have passports, visas, flag, and currency (Nami tongbo) which you’ll use on the Island. Every visitor is considered as a citizen within the parameters of Namiseom.
  • The landscape resulted from the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam.
  •   460,000 m2 and 5 km in diameter
  • 2-3 hours to explore the entire island on foot

When to Visit Nami Island

You can visit Nami Island anytime of the year. Every season tells a different story and showcases a unique magical experience, yet its beauty never fades throughout the changes all year round. In fact, Namiseom is a famous day trip destination regardless of the season. Also, there are various cultural events all over the year which you can enjoy anytime and any day. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect each season:


March – April

The spring on Nami Island means endless sightings of the gorgeous cherry blossoms and other gorgeous flowers around. This season is when East Asia boasts its famous cherry blossoms that will surely impress you.

Must see: Cherry Tree Lane.


June – August

Summer is a good time to do various activities like watersports. The breeze of the wind is soothing as you stroll around the island. This season is said to be humid, but because of the abundance of trees on the island, you’ll enjoy a nice weather thanks to the shady trees.

Maple Lane on Nami Island
Photo taken by Regina Ramos


September – November

Who wouldn’t love fall, right? It’s a romantic season where you can witness the orange undertones of the trees as they shed and decorate the road. The burnt color of orange will surely ignite a heart-warming feeling towards the scenic view on Namiseom.

Must see: Maple Lane of True Love.


December – March

Just like in the scenes of Winter Sonata, experience the white scenic views of Nami Island. You can experience the island in frosty weather once more. Keep in mind that during this season, not all activities are available (it depends on weather.)


There are plenty of options to consider when traveling to Nami Island.

Address: 1, Namiseom–gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon–si, Gangwon-do, South Korea

By Public Transportation:

  • Travel to Gapyeong Station (Gyeongchun Line or via ITX)
  • Walk or ride a taxi going to Nami Island (1.9km, on foot: 20 min; by car: 5 min)
  • Buy tickets (visa fee) to the island ₩13,000 (round trip ferry fare included)

Note: Using the express subway metro is faster (ITX)

By Shuttle Bus:

The Naminara Republic has a designated shuttle bus that operates daily to and from the island.

Seoul Insa-dong (nearby the West Gate of Tapgol Park)

Seoul Namdaemun (in front of Namdaemun Market)

Seoul Myeongdong (back alley of Shinsegae Department Store)


Adult: ₩18,000 (roundtrip) / ₩9,000 (one way)

Child: ₩13,000 (roundtrip) / ₩6,500 (one way)

Package Ticket:

Discounted (Seniors & Students)₩28,000
Special (Children)₩20,000
Package Tickets

You can reserve as early as 2 months prior until a day before (16:00) departure date.

Note: This method requires reservation of tickets to secure a slot. Please contact them at or call +82-02-753-1247.

By Car:

  • Use a navigation system

Search name: Nami Island Ticket Office/ Nami Island Dock

Address: 1024, Bukhangangbyeon-ro, Gapyeong-eup, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Parking fee: ₩4,000 (12 hours)

Klook Tour Package:

If you avail of a Klook package tour, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience to Nami Island. Our group got our Nami Island and Petite France bundle for just ₱1,300! This enabled us to enjoy two day-trip destinations from Seoul without breaking the bank. Plus, it includes the two-way ferry ride on the Nami Island. I highly recommend availing Klook packages because it is very convenient and easy to use, especially for first-time visitors. Just click the link above to purchase or you may choose another bundle here:

Note: The prices of the tour packages may vary.

Pickup points:

  • Hongik University Station, Exit 4
  • Myeongdong Station
  • Dongdaemun Culture and History Plaza

For expenses and other Klook details and itinerary, please read my comprehensive travel guide in Seoul, South Korea.

READ MORE: Seoul, South Korea: Complete Travel Guide and Itinerary

General Information

Operation hours: 7:30 am–21:40 pm

Hours of operation may change depending on weather and sunset.

Visa Fees: It includes round trip ferry fares.

Regular: ₩13,000

Discounted: ₩10,000 (Students and Seniors)

Special: ₩7,000 (Children)

Ferry Schedule: The ferry has a fixed schedule that caters to every visitor on the said island.

Every 30 minAfter the first ferry at 7:30 am
10-20 min9:00 to 18:00
Every 30 min18:00 to 21:40 (last ferry)
Photo taken by Regina Ramos


Aside from strolling around and immersing yourself with the stunning views and magical experience, there are a bunch of activities set on Namiseom for you to try. Here are some:

UNICEF Charity Train

UNICEF Train on Nami Island

Fare: ₩3,000

Boarding point: Nami Wharf train Station/ Central Train Station

Motor Boat

Fare: ₩40,000 per 5 persons


Single: ₩4,000 (30 min)

Couple: ₩8,000 (30 min)

Family: ₩15,000 (30 min)

Picture Book Library

Picture Book Library, Nami Island
Photo taken by Kath Compacion

The Song Museum

Instruments in Song Museum, Nami Island
Photo taken by Kath Compacion

Overall, visiting the Nami Island will surely give you a splendid off-the-city type of travel experience. There are many activities on the island and lots of scenic views, museums, and eco-tourism programs that will help you learn and relax at the same time. Let your imagination and fairytale dreams come true in Naminara Republic.

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Nami Island (Naminara Republic) Travel Guide

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Nami Island (Naminara Republic) Travel Guide

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