15 Sign that You’re a Low Maintenance Traveler

15 Sign that You’re a Low Maintenance Traveler

19 May 2020

Posted by Mikaela


Have you been called low maintenance? If so, I can relate to that.  Before I embraced the reputation as the low maintenance traveler (LMT), I wasn’t sure if it’s a compliment or an insult. Every time they mention that I like things simple and such, I thought it’s a label to describe my oddness, but my friends tell me otherwise.

After careful considerations, I asked them what their reasons are for calling me one, and I heard many positive remarks from them. Some even said that they love traveling and being friends with me because of these traits.

Which brings us to me being a proud LMT. I know there’s been a lengthy debate between high and low maintenance person, BUT that’s not our concern. We’re only here to see whether there are many like-minded travelers (or soon to be travelers) out there.

Disclaimer: There are unique perspectives around these matters, and I don’t intend to compare 2 personalities, ever. What I see on the internet is that low maintenance people are like old rugs waiting to be swept off (pushovers), has no preferences or needs and their life is practically closed in a box. Subsequently, if you’re a high maintenance, it looks like you’re too materialistic, needy, and superficial. Being low maintenance or high maintenance person should be neither positive nor negative. We just got to embrace it and be proud of it.  

These are 15 signs that you’re most likely a low maintenance traveler:

1. You’re always on the go

This is one of the evident signs that you’re a low maintenance traveler. Your routine is fast and simple; systematic and effective for your minimal needs. This is the charm that surprises many people. You’re always the first to get ready and prepared to move.

2. Packing is quick and easy

An LMT has a clear list of what is essential and not. You pack your things as if you’re an ultimate packing master. You pack light; thinking about the comfort of bringing one bag only. You’re organized and prepared to do laundry—in case you stay longer.

3. Comfort is your fashion

Several people who travel spend more hours planning their outfits than their actual flight! Okay, that may be exaggerated, but they take time to decide their clothes overseas.

Although I can understand this, it’s a once in a lifetime thing and it’s great to look spectacular in other countries. On the other hand, LMTs prioritize comfort than how they look in their photos. Your go-to outfit is whichever’s comfortable — simple to wear and won’t hassle you on your adventures. While this is the frequent case, we are not tasteless in fashion. There are plenty of ways to look fashionable without sacrificing comfort. You might agree to one or two of the following categories:

  • Most probably, you stick with the basics and minimalist outfits
  • You have one to three styles that you mix and match
  • Shopping for distinct colors of the same shirt
  • You have that one pair of shoes that you always use until it’s worn out
  • Cover-ups are the solution for varieties (jackets, trench coats, and cardigans)

4. People contact you last minute

It may not be always a breeze when it happens, but it’s probably because your friends knew that you’re always ready to go. There are countless times when they asked you to join parties, overnights, road trips, or weekend getaways a day, an hour or worst—10 minutes before. Even if it happens, most of the time you make it.

5. Shopping is not your favorite

When you go to new places, shopping is the least of your concern on your itinerary. You can go by a shop without laying your money everywhere. You have this unconscious; unexplainable “control” over your spending habit. You don’t care if it isn’t needed at a time. Hence, leaving you with more money for actual emergencies.

6. You save money just because you have nothing to spend on

This is why you’re seen as a budget traveler. LMT always has spare money to put in the bank because of their nature to buy only what’s necessary. They know when to bring out their credit cards and spend money wisely. Often seen as being frugal, but this is not always the case.

7. Popular brand versus generic brand

Efficiency and convenience attract you. Thus, brands never bothered you. Whether it’s with the big A, what made you buy it is its usage. Just, for example, your luggage is very expensive because you’re thinking of long-term use (durable, portable, long-lasting, and good materials). While your packing cubes are from Daiso or local online shop that sells for 50 pesos ($1).

8. You know when to exert effort

Convenience is one pillar of your personality and because of this, you’ve mastered when to drop the ball and when to exert an effort. This applies to tours and DIY itineraries. You’re not against package tours in an exchange of convenience, such as getting tour passes or joining walking tours to learn more about history. While you also plan your trip independently when tours are just not worth it.  

9. You have fewer pictures of yourself than the scenery

While other people’s concern is to get an Instagram worthy shot in front of the iconic landmarks, your problem is which angle will show the essence of the destination. You’re too caught up at the moment to think about getting pictures. Witnessing the scenery at hand is enough for you.

10. Letting other people decide

Listening is one gift vested upon us. With this, we pull ourselves from deciding about where to eat, where to sleep, or where to go. You let others have the fuzz because you’re okay with everything (that’s right, EVERYTHING). There are other things that you consider worth thinking about, so you don’t care about these things if it’s working, and everybody is happy.

Side note: we’re not pushovers. If you ask us, we have wonderful insights. We just don’t see the need for us to battle what we want. Pick anything, we mean it.

For solo travelers: It might be helpful for you since you don’t have to consider anybody. You probably will stay at a hotel (if you’re in for relaxation and convenience), but hostels, Airbnb, and sleeping pods are splendid choices too! It all depends on the mood.  

11. You’re a natural

You don’t exert extra effort to look good. This applies to putting on makeup for women and fixing the hair for men.

12. You’re easy-going, spontaneous and chill

Did you leave something in the hotel? Okay, that sucks, but let’s move on with our itinerary. Instead of sulking or being problematic for long hours, you find solutions to your problems. You rarely complain and just deal with the situation the best way you can. You’re spontaneous—enjoying things as they come. You enjoy being outside the box when setting your foot in other places.

13. You keep things simple (and it works every time!)

One charm of LMTs is the ability to make things simple. Life is too short to complicate things, right? You like things as they are and refuse to deal with hassles as much as possible. You are efficient and effective in making decisions.

14. You’re happy and contented most of the time

Happiness is not the absence of sadness. Rather, it is the constant decision to see what’s worth treasuring despite the problems. I know it’s a cliché, but LMT is usually happy because they’ve set a happiness meter that goes well with their lifestyle. When traversing, they focus on the moment; experiencing everything as much as they can in a situation.  

15. You’re easy to be with

If you ask your friends why they love hanging out with you, they’ll say because you are you. They can’t find the right words to describe the easiness they get from you. Dealing with other people in a foreign country might be hard on some people, but to you, it’s natural. You are perceptive and flexible.

I will leave this post open as we discover more of our charms as an LMT. If you have any suggestions or things that I overlooked to include here, let me know in the comment section! Let’s make this a reference for our small community—that we’re not aware of (haha). Here’s to embracing low maintenance travel style.

Anyway, sharing is caring. Tag your low maintenance friends and I’ll see you in my next post!

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15 Signs you're a low maintenance traveler

30 responses to “15 Sign that You’re a Low Maintenance Traveler”

  1. Maria Black says:

    Really insightful list! I think I’m a little high maintenance but I’m also ready to get up and go on the next adventure-so maybe I’m somewhere in the middle!

    My question for the OP: What’s your favorite part of being an LMT traveler? Thanks for sharing!!

    • mikaela says:

      I think the best part of being an LMT is being loved and accepted as I am. My friends love to travel with me because of my spontaneity. Also, I love how flexible and efficient I can be in making decisions 🙂

  2. HeyJugni says:

    Point number 9 is so my husband. Phew !! He is just like that (but not a low maintenance traveler hahah).. I like the idea though, we can work on ourselves reading this post.

  3. Nat says:

    This sounds like my family! Though it can be a bit challenging to travel because we have a three-year old.

  4. Sonia says:

    I guess I am totally LMT then. Love travelling light, though I do enjoy comfort. Keeping things simple and easy and casual. Totally relate and can’t wait to get on a plane again. Though I’m afraid this may indeed take long. Thanks for the nice post.

  5. Farrah says:

    I would absolutely take it as a compliment! I’m definitely a low-maintenance traveler! At baseline, I’m not super spontaneous by default but I can be depending on the party I’m traveling with!

  6. Ina says:

    Hehe that’s me! Thanks for sharing darling!

  7. Anna says:

    Haven’t heard of this term before, but it describes me pretty well and I think it’s a good thing! 🙂

  8. Sula says:

    Being a low maintenance traveler is DEFINITELY a positive! I tend to be more high maintenance and am working to reduce my level LOL.

  9. Jessica says:

    I love this post! By this, I am DEFINITELY a low maintenance traveler! Especially in regards to comfort being my style!

  10. Yes! I qualify as a low-maintenance traveler. I love to window shop, but I rarely buy unless I see something really special. Call me–I can be packed in less than 10 minutes.

  11. Jenny says:

    I think everything you listed here is admirable. And makes travelling all the more fun when you don’t have to worry about a ton of stuff!

  12. I love this article! I really do identify with the entire list. Guess that explains why we get last minute calls to do stuff all the time. I always say they turn out to be the best adventures!

  13. I like to think that I’m a lot of these as I love travelling, but I do turn into a major ball of stress when we have a plane to catch.

  14. Oh my goodness, I love this! I feel like you’re describing me 🙂

  15. Spontaneity and ease are some of my favorite ways to travel! I love that this list brings more insight into how I personally travel.

  16. Fiona says:

    Hmmm I’m going to say I’m low maintenance except for the packing one! No matter how often or how long I travel packing is never quick or easy!

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  18. Zsuzsanna says:

    Oh, I am sure my husband is a low maintenance traveler 😀 Great, informative, and entertaining post! 🙂

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